Our Company

Several local people, who for some time had wanted to provide a launch pad from which to sell and promote the already well-known Rubiós wines, came up with the idea for our winery. In late 2003 a group of 57 people, the founding partners, made this dream a reality by establishing the Bodega Coto Redondo (Coto Redondo Winery). The winery currently has 105 partners working together to maintain the tradition, history and quality that these wines deserve.

Our winery

At the same time as the winery was founded, Viticultores de Rubiós Sociedad Cooperativa Gallega (The Galician Cooperative Society for Rubiós Vine Growers) was also formed, whose members, the vine growers, send the best of their crop to our winery to make the special Rubiós and Condado wines.

TAfter a lot of hard work and effort, the first wines from our winery were unveiled in early 2006. Many tasters were pleasantly surprised, and we hope to continue surprising them in years to come with new and innovative product offerings.